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Physiotherapy in Nijmegen and Berg en Dal

Our physiotherapy practice in Nijmegen and Berg en Dal supports, treats and guides people who want to recover or train physically. Pain when moving, suffering from an injury, limited after an accident or illness, sporting ambitions? Contact us for a free consultation. Ysveld Fysio: expert, driven and caring!

Harold IJsveld Praktijkeigenaar / Sportfysiotherapeut Harold Ysveld | Ysveld Fysio
Martin Ophey Sportfysiotherapeut Martin Ophey | Fysio Ysveld
Anne Ellenbroek Sportfysiotherapeut Anne Ellenbroek | Ysveld Fysio
Jos Poelen Sportfysiotherapeut Jos Poelen | Ysveld Fysio
Robbin Delsink Fysiotherapeut / Manueeltherapeut Robbin Delsink | Ysveld Fysio
Thijs van Beusekom Fysiotherapeut Thijs van Beusekom | Fysio Ysveld
Rick van Bergen Fysiotherapeut / Manueeltherapeut Rick van Bergen | Fysio Ysveld
Anne Slappendel Fysiotherapeut / Manueeltherapeut Anne Slappendel | Ysveld Fysio
Ruben van den Bosch Fysiotherapeut Ruben van den Bosch | Ysveld Fysio
Joren Burger Fysiotherapeut
Marye Tholen Office medewerker
Kim Heijboer Office manager Kim Heijboer | Ysveld Fysio

Your complaint

Find the right treatment for your complaint. Ysveld Fysio specializes in treating back, neck and shoulder complaints.

We're going to help you!

Are you an active athlete with an injury or do you want to train specifically? Do you recover from illness, an accident or an accident? Our therapists and training facilities are ready for you with specialist knowledge and plenty of personal attention! Whether you come to repair or train: your goal is our goal. And we do everything we can to achieve that together with you!