Changes by 2023:
Health insurers set the rates we work for. In the case of some health insurers, these rates are no longer adequate in 2023. With the rates set by them, we cannot run a healthy business and reward your physical therapist in line with the market. This has made us decide to contract only with health insurers CZ and VGZ for 2023.

Treatment and costs
– Depending on your supplementary insurance for physiotherapy with CZ and VGZ, your treatment will in most cases be fully reimbursed.
– Treatments covered by your supplementary insurance will never be at the expense of your deductible.
– If you have supplementary health insurance with one of the other insurers, you can come to us for care, but your insurer will not reimburse the full rate.
– For more information on all health insurers and costs: Click here. Health insurer other than CZ or VGZ?

Do you have supplementary insurance with Achmea (including De Friesland, FBTO, Interpolis, Zilveren Kruis, Prolife and AON), A.S.R. (including Ditzo and de Amersfoortse), Zorg en Zekerheid (including AZVZ) and ENO (including Salland and ZorgDirect) in 2023? Then you will only be reimbursed a refund amount, i.e. not the full amount we charge. The remainder will be subject to a personal contribution.

Do you have any questions about this?
Please contact us if you have any questions about this. If you do not have supplementary insurance, the following private rates apply. You will receive the invoices for the treatments by email. Here you will also find the rates for products outside the health insurance.


Screening, intake and examination, start of physiotherapy treatment € 102,50
Follow-up physiotherapy treatment € 47,50
Screening, intake and examination, start of physiotherapy treatment at home € 121,50
Physiotherapy treatment at home € 57,50
Sport massage € 95,00
ToBeFit, per month. Excluding costs for screening, intake & examination € 91,50
Non kept appointments*

* Depending on the treatment.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
if you cannot attend an appointment and have not cancelled it 24 hours in advance,
you will be charged for the reserved time.

Want to know more about reimbursement of physiotherapy by health insurers? Take a look at zorgwijzer.nl